Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello!  I thought my very first post should be a little about me, and what I am about. Don't worry, I won't bore you with the "back when I was a little girl...blah, blah, blah." I did however grow up around cooking and learned from a few select family members all of my best kept secrets. I went to school for Culinary Arts straight out of high school and while it was only a one year program, I found out all about the joys of baking. From there, I became very fascinated with cake decorating. I will post the recipe for this little peanut buttery gem a little later...

Which reminds me, I am completely ADDICTED to peanut butter! Addicted is probably even an understatement. I literally cannot keep a jar of peanut butter in the house for fear that I might eat the whole thing. Eeeek! Anyone else share this addiction with me? Or maybe a different food addiction you would like to share? 

While cake decorating is a hobby I am very passionate about, it is just that...a hobby. For family/friends events, I am usually the one asked to bring the dessert, cake, some kind of sweet concoction. Which I totally don't mind one bit because let's face it, we all love to eat whatever is leftover in the mixing bowl, whether it be cookies I'm making, cake, PEANUT BUTTER goodness, I'll always be the first to test it!

What else am I passionate about?! My four babies! Wanna see??

(Belle, Zeus, and Frankie)

(Frankie and Lily)

Three kitties and a rabbit. A full house and I love every minute of it. Each and every one of them adopted from two local human societies. They truly do love each other, and I love them! So much love!

Well folks, speaking of cooking, I am off to make something magical for dinner. Until next time, happy cooking!