Thursday, June 27, 2013

For the love of breakfast

Breakfast. I feel like that word needs emphasis. Breakfast. Need I really say more?! One more time, Breakfast just so happens to be my favorite meal of the day. Call me crazy, but I can literally go out to eat at two in the afternoon and still order breakfast. A lot of the time, I cook breakfast for dinner. What is this obsession with breakfast all about? I think it is about the variety of food. The eggs, bacon, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, crepes, sausage, homefries, waffles, toast, on and on and on. Are you hungry yet?! Now lets go back to cinnamon rolls...

I make them from time to time. I was using the recipe on the Pillsbury hot roll mix for a while,
(This image is from the Walmart website)

until I bought this little guy that I am absolutely in love with!
My Panasonic bread maker does all of my dirty work for me and saves me time! I would totally name him, but that might be a little weird. So in buying a bread maker, I wanted a cinnamon roll recipe that used it. Now while you can pretty much make any cinnamon rolls with a bread maker, some recipes require you to adjust the flour if the amount given isn't enough. I wanted the best I could find. I did a little research and 
BAM Click here for Cinnamon Roll Recipe. I love this recipe because it includes vanilla pudding, which makes the dough much more soft and that much better! I personally don't usually use the cream cheese frosting. With me, it's just the powdered sugar, vanilla, and a pat of butter all mixed together with a splash of milk or water. Whatever you have. 

My beverage of choice to accompany my breakfast. Green Tea ladies and gentlemen. There are many health benefits drinking green tea as well. Read on. It also gives me a nice clean caffeine source and replaced my coffee addiction!

Cinnamon rolls are ready to come out of the oven! BREAKFAST TIME! Even at 4 in the afternoon. ;)